About the Group


7522 Beach Mountain Radio is excited to include 5280 A Cappella on our daily radio stream. As a fan of a cappella groups back in the 50’s and 60’s, 5280 A Cappella takes an old tune and adds their own blend of harmony and rhythm. Their music, which spans a variety of types of music, has a very large fan base. Check out their brand new album release of “Elevated” on 7522 Radio. It is definitely a hit!
Philip Tulin, 7522 Beach Mountain Radio

Named one of the “Top Vocal Groups” in Denver, 5280 A Cappella brings a burst of infectious energy to the stage. They take their audiences on an entertaining journey over the landscape of American music with jaunts through: rock & roll, jazz, country, folk, soul, doo-wop, sixties, eighties, nineties, and pop hits from today. Their unique repertoire entertains audiences of all ages!

5280 A Cappella members have performed both locally and nationally. Locally, they have performed “sold out” concerts at Dazzle Jazz Club, performed the National Anthem at major sports events, sung at numerous fundraisers, private holiday functions as well as for many charities. 5280 A Cappella has performed at most of the Colorado Art and Music festivals. 5280 A Cappella sings at weddings and birthday events, performs private concerts and private holiday concerts upon request. They collaborate with other performing groups’ events and have continued to perform at venues large and small for over 12 years! Champions of the 2012 Rocky Mountain Sing Off, 5280 A Cappella has been delighting Colorado audiences for over a decade!

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